Power Steering

If you notice that your vehicle is having difficulty turning corners, it may be an issue in your power steering. Call American Tire and Service for an appointment to check your power steering. The vehicle will continue to be sluggish and steering can become hard to control. Low power steering fluid levels may be the issue, but a larger problem like a leak is also possible. Properly working power steering is important to the safe operation of your vehicle. Bring your vehicle to us for service across the Rio Rancho, Albuquerque, Corrales region.

If you suspect an issue with your car’s power steering, be aware of the warning signs of trouble with your power steering. They include:

  • Having a hard time turning the wheel,
  • Un-reliable power assistance,
  • Hearing squeaking belts or a loud whine from the pump,
  • Having to frequently add power steering fluid.

We advise to never hold the steering wheel to the far right or left for more than a few seconds at a time as that will wear out your power steering pump prematurely.

Some of your other steering components may be damaged from wear and affect your power steering, such as ball-joints, steering-gear, steering-knuckle, idler-arm and tie rods. An annual alignment check at American Tire and Service will reveal bent or damaged steering components.

Call American Tire and Service at 505-891-8951 to schedule auto repair services in Rio Rancho, Corrales, Bernalillo, and the surrounding Albuquerque area.

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