Are Winter Tires right for Me?

The first question you need to ask yourself is “Where will I be driving? What are the road Conditions?Are Winter Tires right for Me?”

Tires for the Winter Drive – Maybe we haven’t gotten the weather in the Albuquerque / Rio Rancho Rio Grande Valley, but the Sandias and mountain areas have had the cold and occasional snow. Modern winter tires work well for New Mexico driving in a wide range of winter conditions. First of all, below 45°F/7°C, regular tires become hard and inflexible. That means they don’t provide the road grip NM vehicles need. Even if you don’t live somewhere in NM with a lot of snow, but it still gets below 45°F/7°C in the winter, you will be safer with winter tires. Get a Tire Quote

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In addition, they are specifically designed to more effectively move snow and water. That’s the key to traction on ice-packed snow and wet New Mexico roads. They use a micropore compound that allows a tire to grip into ice and snow. They also use wider grooves that run around the circumference of the tread to expel snow from the tire better. The lugs and grooves on winter tires throws the packed snow out of the tread as the tire turns from a special shape. The tread is then opened when it comes back in contact with the street and can provide good traction for Rio Rancho drivers. Read More

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