Cold Weather Check of Your Choice

Cold weather affect different vehicles and their parts. We may not be getting ice or snow in the Rio Grande valley, but temperatures in Rio Rancho, Bernalillo and Corrales are cold enough to give you car trouble. A cold weather check can keep you from getting stranded. There are three common problems that result from freezing temperatures:

  1. Tire pressure condenses, so your tires may become rapidly low on air. We offer FREE Air everyday.
  2. Anti-freeze check. If your radiator has too much water or the anti-freeze is old, it may be cold enough to keep your vehicle from starting.
  3. Batteries! This is the big one. Your battery can go unexpectedly from a jolt of cold. This will leave you stranded. It’s way more expensive to have to have a battery delivery service then if you detect a failing battery on your own terms.

The cold weather check gets scheduled here. Pick one of these items to be checked for you FREE of charge. If you need a battery or anti-freeze, we’ll let you know, but those items are additional.

Cold Weather Check - Auto Battery, anti-freeze, tire air pressure