A hardworking, quality tire with all-season traction for everyday driving.


  • Off-road traction from flared tread block edges that help shovel mud, dirt and gravel away from the tread
  • Enhanced highway grip thanks to deep tread grooves that help evacuate water and slush from the tread
  • Long treadwear for enhanced value provided by sturdy tread blocks that help stabilize the footprint
  • Enhanced wet traction on the highway and improved endurance on off-road terrain thanks to a proven tread compound

185/65R14 185/70R14 195/70R14 185/60R15 195/60R15 205/60R15 215/60R15 185/65R15 195/65R15 205/65R15 205/70R15 215/70R15 195/50R16 205/50R16 205/55R16 215/55R16 205/60R16 215/60R16 225/60R16 235/60R16 205/65R16 215/65R16 225/65R16 235/65R16 215/70R16 225/70R16 235/70R16 245/70R16 215/45R17 225/45R17 205/50R17 215/50R17 225/50R17 215/55R17 225/55R17 235/55R17 215/60R17 225/60R17 235/60R17 215/65R17 225/65R17 235/65R17 245/65R17 265/65R17 225/45R18 225/55R18 235/55R18 235/60R18 245/60R18 235/65R18 255/65R18