Role of your Water Pump

NAPA Water Pump - learn more about what a water pump does

Why A Water Pump Fails Water pumps don't gradually wear out; a water pump fails. In other words, they're either working or they're not. A failed water pump has to be replaced. Water pumps can fail in two ways: they can spring a leak or their bearings fail. Leaks can come from a cracked pump but usually develop at the gasket where the pump attaches to the engine. Water pumps…

Winter Service Check – Battery | Tire Air Pressure | Anti-Freeze

Winter Service Check - Tire Pressure, Battery, Anti-freeze

Cold temperatures have settled in at night, especially in the higher elevations. And when cold weather hits, three sure things can happen with your car or truck. Battery Failure Tire Pressure Warning Alerts Anti-freeze not adequate Get a FREE Winter Service Check at American Tire and Service when you schedule an appointment. [vc_images_carousel images="5322,5326,5327" img_size="full" slides_per_view="2" autoplay="yes" wrap="yes"]

Coolant System Flushing

Get your coolant service at American Tire and Service

Coolant System Flushing Rio Rancho and Corrales residents' vehicles have to operate in a wide range of NM temperatures which requires the engine coolant to be able to perform 'no matter what.' Think for a moment about the environment where the coolant does its thing. Very hot, high pressure, corrosive... And all the while, it has to protect the components of the cooling system from corrosion. These components are made from steel…