Need New Tires?

Every vehicle needs them, but not all of them are equal. Whether you are getting ready for a Summer road trip, or you are looking for great all season tire for year round performance, American Tire and Service can help you find the perfect tires for your application. We get ours fresh daily. When you buy your tires from American Tire and Service, we install the freshest ones available in the market — direct from the distributor. This offers you a vast selection and guarantees that your new tires weren’t sitting on the rack for who knows how long. Shop Tires

New Mexico has a variety of driving demands on your tires. The ones you need for the daily commute in Rio Rancho are different from the ones you might need to head north for an off-road adventure. And if you live at a higher elevation, you may have to consider buying winter tires for your vehicles.

It’s almost summer, and with it heating up, concerns about your vehicle maintenance may be on your mind. Your tire help with traction, stopping power and a smooth ride, so finding the right ones is important. Here are a few recommendations for a variety of applications. Shop

Summer Tire Buying Guide

Michelin Pilot® Sport 4 Tire – Performance Summer

Part of the Pilot Super Sport Line, get superior grabbing power in both wet and dry conditions with this warm weather tire. The silica infused center gives you improved stopping power in wet weather conditions.

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Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Tire – Performance Summer

The Firehawk Indy 500 tire is Firestone’s ultimate in sport performance, inspired by our racing heritage. With our new tread design featuring a proprietary Pulse Groove water channel, we have dramatically improved handling and braking on wet roads (as compared to the Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500 tire).

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Goodyear Assurance® Weatherready – All Season

This soy-based tread compound with asymmetric pattern gives you the traction you need for any weather you encounter. Great for any condition, but this zig-zag earns it the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol.

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BFGoodrich’s toughest All-Terrain tire ever. This tire gets great customer reviews. It has an aggressive all-terrain pattern for off-road durability. But, for the rest of the road, they provide a quiet ride and superior handling.

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