Synthetic Oil Change or Traditional Oil Change?

That is the question. Or really, “Why does a synthetic oil change cost twice as much as a traditional oil change?”

$6 to UNM CHildren's Hospital from your next oil changeTo answer that we have to look at the manufacturing process and the performance of the two products. A standard oil change in normal New Mexico driving conditions, typically lasts 3 months or 3000 miles. However, the higher performance lasts longer with synthetic lubricants. The recommendation is 5 months or 5000 miles, but in clean driving conditions longer. Part of the reason for the better performance out of synthetic is a higher viscosity. Less resistance equals higher efficiency. While traditional oil has more residual content than it’s manufactured synthetic counterpart.

Another benefit to synthetic oil change in Rio Rancho is their higher efficiency translates into fuel efficiency as well. You also have better chance of not experiencing complete engine catastrophe from sudden lubricant loss. Synthetics have better staying power on your parts.

The third option is a blend of oil and synthetics that will fall somewhere in between in terms of cost and longevity. For your next oil change in Corrales, you now know you have three choices from American Tire and Service

The other factor to consider is the environment. While standard oil can be recycled, processed and used again. The fact remains that synthetics reduce the overall amount of lubricants over the life of your car. So, while more expensive initially, the benefits of a synthetic oil change in Bernalillo are worth if not exceed the extra costs.